• Party bus 150So here we are finally updating the site for last weekends activities…Its been a busy week with to much to do and to little time. We ended up going down to Janesville WI area and picked up a group for a birthday party…Midwestfunbus Style….Our first stop/pickup was in Milton WI where they did a little bar hopping and then we headed to a few other small bars around the area…after a few hours of that they were “ready to go” and we headed to the downtown part of Janesville…It was actually pretty funny when a person from the group came up and asked if I’d be able to maneuver the bus around the city…It was super easy and there was a ton of parking….NOT at all like driving in downtown Milwaukee :)….All in all they were a great group and were a allot of fun…Milwaukee party bus had a great time leaving our normal stomping grounds and helping a great group from the south have a good time….We look forward to hopefully helping them again in the future…

    Milwaukee party bus

    Midway through the night..Watch out!!!!

    Milwaukee's party bus helping to make a birthday too much fun....

    Milwaukee’s party bus helping to make a birthday too much fun….


    The Whole Group!!!!